Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery

  • Cosmetic dentistry is a method of professional oral care that focuses on improving appearance of your mouth, teeth smile
  • Cosmetic dentistry is dentistry aimed at creating appositive change to your teeth & to your smile.
  • Smile enhancement can have dramatic results on your overall appearance; even the smallest step can boost your confidence, self-esteem & make you want to smile more.
  • With modern advances in dentistry, cosmetic procedures can range from a basic colour correction to replacing missing teeth.
  • There are many techniques & option to treath teeth that are discoloured, chipped or missing.
  • Dentist can reshape your teeth, close spaces, restore short teeth or alter length of your teeth.
  • Common procedures include bleaching, bonding, crown, Veeners & reshaping  & contouring.

The cosmetic procedure includes,

Bleaching / Teeth Whitening :

Bleaching is a common & popular chemical process used to whiten teeth. Discolouration occurs in the enamel & can be caused by medication, coffee, tea, cigarettes. Bleaching can be performed by your dentist in the office or at home. Typically , Whiten at home takes two to four weeks, depending the desired shade you wish to achieve, Whiten in the office requires ! hour visit to sparkle your smile.

Bonding :

Bonding is tooth colored material used to fill in gaps or change the color of teeth, Requiring a single office visit, bonding lasts several years. When teeth are chipped or slightly decayed, bonded composite resin may be the material of choice, Bonding is used as toot colored filling for small cavities & to closed spaces between teeth.

Crown :

Crown, also known as caps, cover a tooth to restore it to its normal shape & appearance. Crowns have the longest life expectancy of all cosmetic restoratio

Veeners :

  • Veeners are thin pieces of porcelain placed over the front tooth to change color or shapr of your teeth.
  • Veeners are used on teeth with un even surfaces or on chipped, discolored, unevenly spaced teeth,
  • This treatment is an alternative to crown, which are more expensive, The procedures requires your dentist to take an impression of your tooth.

Procelain veeners have a longer life expectancy & color stability than bonding

Inlays & Onlays

In certain cases, fillings can e fabricated from porcelain or composite material in a dental laboratory to more closely match the color of tooth, When applied to inside of tooth they are referred as “inlays”. Attached to biting surfaces, they are known as “Onlays”.

Clear Orthodontic Aligner:

It can be successfully used to realign or straighten teeth into better position, Instead of metal braces or ceramic braces, “Aligner” works best in terms of esthetic appearance

Full Mouth Reconstruction:

While consulting with you about a smile makeover to primarily smile, your dentist may discover that there is a need to provide necessary treatment to correct functioned ptoblems with your bite, muscle, teeth & bone structure. If you need full mouth reconstruction, the materials available today make it possible for your dentist to provide you with durable, function clinically sound treatment that also looks natural.

Gum Depigmentation

Oral pigmentation is a discoloration of the gingival oral mucosa associated with several exogenous & endogenous factors etiological factor includes drugs, heavy metals, genetics endocrine disturbances, syndrome. Gingival hypigmentation is caused by excessive deposition of melanin located in the basal & suprabasal cell layer of epithelium.

Gingival depigmentation can be considered as a periodontal plastic procedure where by the gingibal hyperpigmentation is removed by various techniques like scalpel technique, cryosurgery, electrosurgery, lasers, chemical methods. The need & demand for esthetics requires the removal of unsighly pigmented gingival areas to create pleasant & confident smile, which altogether may alter the personality of an individual

Smile Makeover

Smile makeover incolces a comprehensive assessment of your smile aesthetic in order to improve its overall appearance. Typically one or more cosmetic procedure, such as dental veener,  dental implants, gingival sculpting & teeth whitening will be required for several teeth in both the upper & lower arches.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are artificial tooth root replacement that are used as part of prosthetic (artificial replacement) dentistry in order to compensate for tooth results. Often the result is not only an enhanced smile, but also a more youthful appearance, since missing teeth causes the face to collapse making you look older.